Spectrum Inspection Engineering Inc.
Engineering Service
Critical Crack size Calculation
Assessment of Local Thin area
Assessment of Blister and Lamination
Assessment of Pitting
Assessment of General Corrosion
Fire Damage Assessment, Failure Analysis
SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)
Professional Engineers License in Mechanical, Metallurgy, and Corrosion Engineering
NDE Inspection
Multi-Channel AUT, Acoustic Emission
TOFD and A, B, C Scan, Corrosion Mapping
Cross Country Pipe Line Inspection
Hydrogen Induce Cracking Inspection (HIC, SOHIC, Stepwise cracking)
Shell Oil Licensed
Hydrogen Attack Inspection, AUBT
DOT Design Certified Engineer & Inspector
Turn/Around Inspection Specialist, Pressure Equipment Specialist
Field Microstructure Examination (
Spectrum Inspection Engineering Inc.