Spectrum        Inspection Engineering Inc.
SASOL-South        Africa Synthethic Oil, Secunda Refinery- Hydrogen Attack AUBT Inspection,        Hydrogen Reactors and Vessels inspection and Turn around Pressure Equipment        Consultant.

       ADGAS, Abu Dhabi Gas Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Unite Arab Emirates), AUT/TOFD,        Wet H2S Cracking, Hydrogen Induce Cracking Inspection and Fitness-For-Service        Consultant

       Petro-Canada, Montreal Refinery, Canada, H2S Absorber Wet H2S cracking Inspection,        TOFD, AUT, Hydrogen attack AUBT, Hydrogen Blistering, SOHIC, HIC Inspection,        Fitness-for-Service

       SABIC, Saudi Arabia Industrial Fibers CO. Reactors inlet & outlet stainless        steel piping insp.

       Mentanol, Venezuela Hydrogen Attack AUBT Inspection on Heater Transfer Line.       

       Chinese Petroleum Corp. Taiwan, Refinery engineering and inspection consultant        Chia-Yi Technical Service Dept and Kaohsiung Refinery

       Formosa Petroleum Taiwan, Mai-Liaw Refinery, Refinery engineering and inspection        consultant

       Vietnam Petroleum, Vietnam, engineering, inspection consultant, Training        for Inspection Dept.

       ExxonMobil, Torrance Refinery, Los Angeles TOFD, AUT for Hydrocracker and        hydrotreater reactors Inspection. Fitness-for-Service assessment for vessels,        piping and Hydrogen Attack inspection.

       ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery, Engineering Consulting, Equipment Metallurgy        Review

       Shell Oil, Deer Park Refinery, Texas Desulfurizer Reactor Hydrogen Attack        Inspection, AUBT

       Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Global Solutions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Shell        Oil, CAPSA Shell Buenos Aires Refinery, Argentina Coke Drum Structure Integrity        Inspection and Assessment, TOFD/AUT Inspection

       Shell Oil, Washington Puget Sound Refinery AUT/TOFD/Wet H2S cracking Inspection        & Fitness-For-Service Assessment

       Shell Oil, Los Angeles Refinery, Hydrogen Attack AUBT, AUT/Wet H2S cracking        Inspection, Carbonate Cracking Inspection, TOFD & AUT Inspection on Hydrogen        Reactors, Piping System.

       Syncrude Oil, Fort McMurray, Canada, Hydrogen Process Reactors Inspection        Hydrogen Attack Inspection AUBT, Wet H2S cracking Inspection, TOFD/AUT Inspection       

       Tesoro, Kenai, Alaska Oil Refinery Hydrocracker Reactors Inspection and        Fitness-for-Service Assessment. PSA vessel inspection. Reactor TOFD/AUT,        AUBT, Hydrogen Attack, Wet H2S Cracking Inspection, HIC, SOHIC

       Tesoro Northwest Company, Anacortes Refinery, Washington Structure Integrity        Inspection Assessment on Vessels in Hydrotreater Unit, TOFD/AUT Inspection       

       Hawaii Independent Refinery/BHP, Hawaii Gas Company, Tesoro Hawaii Refinery        Hydrocracker Reactors Fitness-For-Service Evaluation, TOFD/AUT, Hydrogen        Attack Inspection, Refinery Metallurgy, Corrosion and Inspection Consultant       

       Tesoro South Dakota Mandan Refinery TOFD/AUT and Hydrogen Attack AUBT on        hydrogen process reactor inspection

       Mustang Engineering, Tesoro Salt Lake City Refinery, Utah Hydrotreater reactors        relocation inspection, TOFD inspection and Fitness-For-Service Assessment.       

       ConocoPhillips, Ferndale Refinery, WA, Reactor Inspection, Vessel AUT/TOFD        Inspection

       BP Cherry Point Refinery, Washington, Hydrocracker Reactor Inspection, TOFD/AUT,        Vessel & Piping Hydrogen Attack Inspection

       BP LNG Plant, Crane, Texas, Vessel Wet H2S cracking inspection AUT/TOFD       

       BP, ARCO Los Angeles Refinery, Hydrocracker Reactor Inspection, PSA Vessel        Inspection, AUT Structure Integrity Inspection, Hydrogen Attack Inspection        on Refinery Pressure Vessels

       CF Industries, Nitrogen/Ammonia Plant, New Orleans, LA, Hydrogen Attack        AUBT Inspection

       Texaco-Los Angeles Refinery, Texaco-Bakersfield Refinery, Texaco-Port Arthur        Refinery Hydrocracker and Hydrotreater reactors Inspection. Hydrogen Attack        Inspection. Fitness-for-Service assessment on Hydrocracker & Hydrotreater        Reactors. TOFD/ AUT inspection

       MOTIVA, Port Arthur Refinery, Texas Hydrogen Attack AUBT inspection on reactors        (Desulfurizer), vessels and heat exchangers.

       UNOCAL, Wilmington Refinery, Los Angeles. Hydrocracker Reactor Inspection,        TOFD/AUT, Hydrogen attack inspection on Desulfurizer Reactors and heat exchangers.        Fitness-for-Service

       TOSCO, Carson Refinery, Los Angeles Coke Drum, Cracking Fitness-for-Service        remaining life assessment. TOFD/AUT Inspection, Fitness-For-Service Fire        Damage Assessment on Vessels.

       CONOCO, Billings Refinery, Montana Hydrogen Attack AUBT & Fitness-for-Service        assessment on Desulfurizer Reactor, HDS unit

       Petrotrin, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Advance NDE and Fitness-For-Service        Training for Refinery and Petrochemical employee

       APTECH Engineering, Houston, Texas, Various AUT/TOFD Inspection projects       

       Supermetanol, Venezuela Hydrogen Attack AUBT Inspection on Heater Transfer        Line.

       Valero, Los Angeles Wilmington Refinery. Vessel Fire Damage Assessment &        Heater Tube Insp.

       CHS Montana Refinery, Amine Absorber AUT/Wet H2S Cracking Inspection, Fitness-for-Service       

       Flying J, California Big West Bakersfield Refinery Hydrocracker unit TOFD/AUT/Hydrogen        Attack AUBT inspection. Fitness-for-Service assessment

       Ergon Mississippi Refinery, Hydrotreater Reactor Inspection & Fitness-for-Service        evaluation

       Sunoco, Eagle Point Refinery, Philadelphia, Hydrogen Attack AUBT Inspection        TOFD/AUT Inspection, Fitness-for-Service Assessment and Metallurgy/Corrosion        Support

       Sunoco, Ohio Toledo Refinery, Metallurgy, Corrosion and Inspection Consulting        Service

       Sunoco, Marcus Hook Refinery, Metallurgy, Corrosion and Inspection Consulting        Service

       Flint Hills, Corpus Christi Refinery, Texas Desulfurizer Reactor Inspection,        Hydrogen Attack AUBT Inspection

       Ultramar Golden Eagle Oil Refinery, Martinez, California, Hydrogen Attack        inspection AUBT, Hydrocracker Reactor Inspection, TOFD/AUT & Fitness-for-Service        Assessment 2001 & 2005.

       Lockheed Martin Sunnyvale, California Pressure Equipment Fitness-for-Service        & Inspection Consultant
Spectrum Inspection Engineering Inc.